Beth Childress Author and Teacher

Meet Beth Childress Author 

I am a person who is fearfully and wonderfully made, and part of the wonder of me is my unique sensitivity and susceptibility for mental illness. I have wrestled with it for years, and it has held me captive as I have given into its grip. However, I now accept the unique parts of me that make me “quirky.” For since I have experienced degrees of deep depression, crippling anxiety, paranoia, obsessiveness, and other symptoms (alongside irrational but real emotions that stem from heartache), I can share my experience with others.

Because I have hope, I offer you hope – and anyone you know who wrestles with mental illness – no matter how deep the quarry or how far the climb.
I am a public school teacher, but this is not how I define myself. I am one of those die-hard football fans that you meet in your worst nightmares.
I am one who has been rejected many times in many circumstances for many reasons. But I am not defined by my profession, my obsession or my painful experiences. Who I am goes much deeper than those.